Thursday, 26 July 2012

Living is dangerous to your health. Essential knowledge for survivors.

Whatever you do, keep moving. Lack of physical activity causes 1 in 10 deaths, as Carly Weeks tells us in the Globe & Mail (23 July). And she doesn’t even mention contributing factors that will make your death more likely, statistically speaking, such as:

Lying in Bed
-Lying down may inhibit physical activity. Learn to sleep standing up!
-You are engaging in physical activity while lying down with your neighbour’s wife. Don't.  Adulterous sex is 38 % more likely to induce a heart attack than sex with your mate of 27 years.

Dangerous driving
Watch for these factors contributing to death:
-Riding in an ambulance. Those ambulance drivers are 56 % more likely to run a red light than your average drunken teenager.
- Riding a getaway car after robbing a bank. Getaway car drivers are 78% more likely to run a red light than a drunken teenager, AND there’s a 32% risk of being hit by flying bullets from pursuing cop cars.

Watch out for these factors contributing to death:
-You own a boa constrictor and forgot to feed it.
-You’ve just been handed the mechanic’s bill for the repair of your car.

Contributing factor:
-You dissed the local Mafioso and your feet are encased in concrete.
-If “drowning” is a metaphor for being in debt, you have an excellent chance of survival. Only 0.03% of the population die of metaphors.

Presence of medical personnel
-Contact with the medical profession has been documented prior to 48% of deaths. So, stay away from doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers (especially ambulance drivers; see above "Dangerous Driving").
-Aggravating factor: presence of cleric administering last rites

Lying in a coffin
This condition has been shown to be 99% lethal, unless you are a vampire or zombie or the coffin is being used in a Halloween play.     

Being human
The rate of death in human beings is 99.9%.
Contributing factors: DNA
There is a small possibility of recall through Ouija board app (0.001%) or reincarnation (0.02%). Outright immortality may be achieved through poetry (0.03%) or deification (depending on era and continent, 0.01-0.03%). And that’s it, I’m afraid.

No wait, there is one other possibility, if you can manage not to die before 2045. By that time, you’ll be able to upload your mind to a hologram-avatar and live forever, according to Dmitry Itskov who is working on the technology. Itskov, who received the blessing of the Dalai Lama for his project, doesn’t say how much he will charge for his services. At this point he is pitching them to the world’s billionaires. So if you are not in that select group, you may have to fall back on reincarnation and take your chances on being reborn as a toad.

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