Sunday 6 October 2013

LITTLE ME. The 3D version.

In the news (Metro 3 Oct): English tech startup Levavo offers the opportunity to 3D print a miniature version of yourself, down to the wrinkles on your face and the creases in your t-shirt.
I can see many uses for mini-me, especially if it can be combined with mini-android features and serve as my double.
  • On the mantelpiece of elderly relatives, offering congratulations on their birthday or best wishes for the season.
  • Living in a tiny expensive condo downtown while the real me enjoys a human-sized residence in cheap exurbia.
  • Flying tourist class to Europe. Those seats will be so roomy for mini-me, and the meal portions just right. The little bottle of wine will make me positively heady.
  • Dealing with the tangle of electrical cords under my desk and, while down there, getting rid of the dust bunnies.
  • Taking the subway during rush hour. No wait, I might get trampled. Come to think of it, there might be other dangers, such as meeting the neighbour’s dog face to face. Not to speak of meeting my date face to knee.

Hey, Levavo, how about coming up with a flexible 3D of me that can be shrunk or extended, as needed? Giant-me would come in handy in an encounter with a mugger. A bit of down-sizing could serve in lieu of going on a diet. Voila: thin-me.

And do those 3D versions come in different colours? A black-me would be great when applying for a job with a company favouring minorities.  For Halloween, I’d like an orange-me.

Actually, Levavo, I have a ton of ideas for you. I suggest you take me on as a partner. I’ll be whatever size you want, as long as my payout is giant.


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