Friday 8 November 2013


From The Hammer of Witches, 1486:

                             Why Superstition Is Chiefly Found In Women
  • They are more credulous than men, and since the chief aim of the devil is to corrupt faith, he attacks them by preference.
  • They are readier to receive spiritual influences. When they use this quality well, they are very good, but when they abuse it, they are very bad.
  • They have slippery tongues.
  • They are feebler in mind and body than men.
  • They were formed from a bent rib [of Adam], which makes them deceptive.
  • The word femina [Latin for woman] is derived from fe [faith] and minor [less].
  • They are affected by strong passions, given to brooding and vengeance…wherefore it is no wonder that so great a number of witches exist.
  • Women have weak memories…to follow their own impulses without thinking of what is due – that’s all they can keep in mind.
  • Woman is a liar by nature.
  • She is more dangerous than a snare…If she places her hands on a creature to bewitch it, she achieves her purpose with the help of the devil.

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