Sunday 10 November 2013

More from the inquisitor's manual, THE HAMMER OF WITCHES: The fury of a woman scorned.

In the town of Regensburg, a young man had an affair with a girl and, when he left her, lost his penis through a spell she cast over him.

In his worry he went to a tavern to get drunk and started talking to a woman there, telling her everything and giving a physical demonstration of his loss.

The woman said: “If you can’t persuade her to restore your health, you must use violence.”

The next evening he talked to the girl, but she maintained her innocence. Then he fell upon her and, throttling her with a towel, said: “Unless you give me back my health, you shall die at my hands.”

With her face already swelling and turning black, she said: “Let me go, and I will heal you.” The young man relaxed the pressure of the towel, and the witch touched him between his legs, saying: “Now you have what you desire.” And the young man plainly felt, even before he verified it by looking or touching, that his penis had been restored. 

Note: Do not believe that a penis can really be removed from the body, but rather that it is hidden by the devil through magic art so that it can be neither seen nor felt.



  1. Regensburg! There's witches there?! I like the previous post better.


    1. Hey, do we have bias in favour of Regensburg here? For balance, read the next post about a witch in Constance!

  2. Well, now.. that historical (hysterical) story has a modern day equivalent. Vide the case of the husband sans penis a few years back!

    1. I take it you mean Lorena Bobbit -- luckily for her, the inquisition was no longer active in 1994. Luckily for John Babbit, the science of medicine has advanced significantly, and his penis was reattached without the aid of witchcraft.