Thursday 13 June 2013


Here are some travel suggestions:

For the aging extreme sport athlete (quoting The Globe & Mail, 10 June): After a grueling overland drive, relax in your luxury tent and enjoy a gourmet meal kept fresh in your battery-powered mini fridge. Wow! And I didn’t even know that you could use luxury in the same sentence as tent!

For the nomad: Retrace Jeanette Walls’ childhood trek with her alcoholic father and bohemian mother, moving from Arizona to California, Nevada, West Virginia, and finally the tenements of New York. Sorry, no luxury tent. Sleep on car seats, under the desert sky, in cardboard boxes, and three to a bed. No gourmet food either. Root through garbage bin. Sounds a bit harsh? Not if you listen to Walls. According to the Vancouver Sun (12 April), it made her the luckiest person in the world.

For the liberal arts student & job seeker: Enroll at the University of the Fraser Valley, where history students explore and map abandoned mining shafts on nearby Sumas Mountain. According to university officials, those activities convinced employers of the usefulness of an undergraduate education in liberal arts (Globe, June 10). Oh wait, this isn’t an article. It’s an Information Feature -- the stuff that used to be called advertisement.

Discover your inner duck: Sprout webbed arms and legs with a specially paneled nylon suit, jump over a cliff and surf the wind. It’s called wingsuit-flying and is guaranteed to make onlookers exclaim: It’s a duck…It’s a flying squirrel…It’s Superman!

For the autonomous driver: Get a car enhanced with Mobileye. It’s capable of driving at freeway speeds, but can’t make lane changes. And I thought only old codgers did that –  crawling along, preferably on the outermost lane at or slightly below the speed limit. With Mobileye you too can block the road and save your fellow drivers from speeding tickets. The traffic jam assist feature will get you through stop and go situations, but will require drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel (NY Time, 9 June). Bummer. And I had planned on rolling down the window and shouting: Look, Ma, no hands.

Nothing here that tempts you? You are a couch potato? Okay, then just watch comedian Patton Oswalt on YouTube. He doesn’t get off the couch during his performance. Perfect match, perfect trip, no?

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