Thursday 16 November 2023



A second postcard from Emma Neumann, with the postal stamp “18.11.38”, addressed to her daughter “Frau Prof. Goldstein, 8 Holland Villas Road, London W 14, England.” 


My dear Gretel, as promised I am writing to you right after the visit of the “uncle” who was here earlier and who had only half an hour for me because today and tomorrow, especially, he has a crazy amount of work to do, and no one has any information. From here he went to P.S. to obtain the necessary things, which he had not sent to him despite his promises, and he will apply himself in the near future to the most urgent matters concerning you and me. To begin with, he noted down the address of that British Ministry of Finance, to find out from them the amount of payment necessary for your furniture [Gretl had furniture shipped to England, which required paying a customs fee]. But all experts declare that no money can be had at all until the house is sold (we are no longer able to get permission to raise a mortgage), and they cannot understand what you have in mind [A decree from October 3, 1938, required the transfer of assets from Jews to non-Jews and controlled the process]. By chance, another gentleman came soon afterwards, about whom I wrote to you earlier. He is necessary for and competent in all sorts of things, since the other man cannot possibly do everything. Tomorrow he will talk once more to someone about the sale of the house, and there is a slight possibility, but we must not have any illusions, and it may be a long, drawn-out matter. And my affairs may take even longer. But there is no hurry in my case… [two illegible words], just don’t burden yourself with too much work. If I had to travel in this weather, it would not be physically possible for me and especially not at this time of the year. About that subject I’ll write to you another time. I had a nice invitation today from L. M. Will you thank him in my name, or do I have to do that myself? Lieschen also asked for your address on behalf of Mariechen, whose husband is on a journey [a euphemism for having fled or having been arrested]. I am sorry that you are importuned by all sorts of people, especially now that you have committed yourself to work [Gretel became Organizing Secretary for the World Union of Progressive Judaism]. Most of all, remain in good health and don’t work so hard, especially in that bad weather! To all of you jointly warmest greetings and kisses!


FOR MORE LETTERS SEE MY NEXT BLOGPOST. For the originals see LBI Archives AR 7167/MF 720.The translation is by Erika Rummel and Susi Lessing.

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