Sunday, 28 June 2015

May-December marriage

This one is from the 16th century:
Once a very old man fell in love with a young woman. He ran after her for a long time. He spruced himself up and said: If you are willing truly to be mine and honour me all your days, you will benefit from my death. I will see that you are well compensated and you will gain great wealth and be held in honour. You can buy whatever your heart desires. I will be nice and loving to you. If one servant isn’t enough, I’ll get you another, as long as you always treat me well – let me know if that suits you.
The young woman understood the matter well and looked with favour on the old man and promised everything he desired. She would love and honour him (she meant his cash). She said sweet words to him, and put a fool’s cap around his neck and led him around by a fool’s leash, which happens to quite a few old men.
Old and young don’t go together!  

(Source: Anonymous poem printed by Hans Adam, first half of 16th century, my trans)

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