Sunday, 22 June 2014


This is how girls are brought up at court:
Fun and games.
In the morning, they get busy with curlers and make-up, then off to mass to see and be seen, then breakfast followed by gossip. After lunch, mindless chatter. They drop into a seat here and there, and the men rush to put their heads into their laps. The girl who never refuses anyone is highly praised for her good manners. Then it’s time for some silly games, most of them rather coarse.

Greasy servants.
The sons and daughters of the gentry spend their days in the company of greasy, idle servants, who are often slovenly and immoral into the bargain.

Secrets of the marriage bed.
Some modern fathers boast to their daughters of their own youthful indiscretions. Even worse, they blurt out the secrets of the marriage bed. Are you surprised that your children do not respect you?

Some people use obscene language so often that the words sometimes slip out inadvertently – as in the case of a lady in church, who slipped on the wet floor and uttered a loud cry, naming the male member. Why do people get into such bad habits? Could they not learn, just as easily, to name Jesus or Mary when something unexpected happens? But some people can hardly utter four words without swearing.
(Source: Erasmus, The Institution of Marriage)

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