Thursday, 19 June 2014

EARLY MODERN GENDER WARS. Why women are superior to men.

W: So you think men are naturally better than women?

M: I believe so.

W: Do they live longer? Are they immune from disease?

M: No, but they are generally stronger.

W: They share that quality with camels.

M: Yes, but men were created first.

W: True, Adam was created first, but artists usually surpass themselves in later works… And when God created human beings in his image, did he express this image in bodily form or in mental gifts?

M: In mental gifts.

W: But in that respect what superiority, pray, have men over us? In which sex is there more drunkenness, more brawls, fights, killings, wars, robberies, and adulteries?

(Source: Erasmus, Colloquies)


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