Thursday 24 January 2013

LA TIMES INSPIRED THOUGHTS. From Stealth films to Sasquatch.

Every morning I search the LA Times for news that will stimulate my brain cells. On Jan 20 I got lucky, twice.

First, the story of Randy Moore, who filmed ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW at Disney World without authorization and without anyone even realizing he was making a movie. That got me thinking about other potential stealth movies.
  • Those mute couples in restaurants, for example – maybe they are shoe fetishists filming the exciting things going on under the table, Nike having it on with Sketchers, and so forth.
  • Or that sales rep at Best Buy who ignored me – maybe he is filming tech-challenged people lingering in front of new gadgets. His ambition is to post a collage of screwed-up eyes, open mouths, and twitching fingers on and go viral.
  • Or that homeless guy in the park, reeking of piss and mixed spirits. Maybe that’s just camouflage scent, and he’s actually filming people making a beeline around him. His body works like an invisible electric fence. On film, you see shins approaching and veering off. He’s waiting to capture someone who keeps going, walking right over him. Great stuff for You Tube if the camera doesn’t get trampled in the process.

Second, the news about the White House website WE THE PEOPLE, where you can post petitions.
At first you needed 5000 signatures to get Washington’s attention. Then they raised the minimum to 25,000. Now they’ve upped the ante to 100,000. I’ve missed my chance! I could have petitioned them to make my novels required reading. It would have been easy to get 5000 signatures, as I discovered when I reopened my Facebook account and rapidly garnered hundreds of would-be friends before I shut it down again in a panic.
Anyway, the new threshold means that the petition for the US to build a DEATH STAR (34,435 signatures) will go nowhere, but Texas’ petition for SECESSION (125,746) might just make it. As for the people who want 19 September declared TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY (1021) or those who want the SASQUATCH recognized (1012)—forget it. And revoking the tax-exempt status of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY – 276 signatures? You’ll have to work a lot harder, infidels!

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