Monday, 6 July 2015

#amreading Jenny Offill’s Department of Speculation.
Jenny Offill

Memories are microscopic. Tiny particles that swarm together and apart.
Here are a few swarming memories:

  • I remember the sad doggish smell of my sweater on rainy days.
  • Work seemed preferable to love. It provided a sturdier kind of happiness.
  • The reason you need a home is to keep the people you like in and everyone else out. Forget the doorbell. None of the people I like turned up that way.
  • Caring for babies is a task urgent and tedious. Providing those necessary services cuts the day up into little scraps.
  • Be careful of what you ridicule. You may end up doing some of those ridiculous things yourself. There is nothing you can be sure you will never be.
  • Avoid middle age. That’s when people who were merely eccentric for years become unmistakably mad.

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