Sunday 18 January 2015


This ad ran in the Neues Wiener Tagblatt, November 1922:

Distinguished widower, Isr., in his forties, in independent reputable position, good character, altruistic, feeling lonely in his free time, longs for honourable connection with an independent, cultured, and selfless lady of natural beauty, medium height, full-figured, handsome, with beautiful teeth. Financial situation and religious affiliation unimportant, but absolute beauty, grace, and sensitivity are essential. If our characters harmonize, and we feel mutual sympathy and true affection, a future marriage is not excl., but as a decided aesthete I am so demanding that I will only consider a lady who has, without exception, all the above mentioned traits and virtues. It is not enough if she thinks she is beautiful. She has to be beautiful. Send replies under “Therefore examine  24465” to the editorial offices.

OMG, that’s so me: beautiful, gracious, and sensitive! Too bad I wasn’t around in 1922.
Wonder how the aesthetic gentleman made out?
Karl Kraus comments: Let’s hope she isn’t too critical and will accept him even if he doesn’t have beautiful teeth.

(Source: Karl Kraus, Die Fackel, Nov 1922; my trans) 

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