Thursday 14 August 2014

DIRTY CHILD AVOIDS BEATING. A cautionary tale, 1807.

A tradesman in London, who had a numerous family of children…permitted them to play in a large court adjoining his house, giving them a strict charge not to go out of it.

But little George was wearing his first breeches. Desirous of showing himself to all his little friends, he left the court. In his haste, he ran against a chimney-sweeper and stumbled into the drainage ditch.

The sweeper was a lad of compassion. He helped the crying boy up and began to hug and embrace him to keep him quiet.

As a result the boy was not only dirty by his fall in the ditch, but very much sooted by the embraces of the sweeper.

Moral of the story: Obey your parents or terrible things will happen to your clothes.
So what was little George’s punishment?

So pitiful was his countenance…that his parents could not in reason beat him.


Another touching story:
A maid servant was diverting William Hewet’s daughter on the edge of an open window. She slipped out of her hands and fell into the Thames. 

An apprentice jumped out of the shop-window into the river after the child, and to the great joy of many spectators brought the child safe on shore.

Her father became rich, was knighted, and afterwards chosen lord mayor of London. When his daughter arrived at the age of maturity, she had many suitors, but her father rejected them all and gratefully betrothed her to the apprentice who had saved her life.

Moral of the story? Not sure: If your daughter falls into the Thames, you will be rewarded with a splendid career? If you fall into the Thames, make sure your rescuer is handsome because you will be forced to marry him?

(From William Darton, Accidents and Remarkable Events Containing Caution and Instruction for Children)


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