Thursday, 24 April 2014


More from the regulations of Idelfonso College.

  • When leaving the residence and going into town, members are to wear the regulation-issue hooded cloak.
  • No resident shall grow a beard or long hair. Rather, they should resemble respectable secular priests in their appearance.
  • None is permitted to go into a tavern and have a meal in town, unless by permission of the rector.
  • Let no one presume to bear arms either openly or concealed, or have arms in his room on penalty of being deprived of his meals for a month and having the weapon confiscated.
  • No one is allowed to play dice or cards.
  • We strictly forbid the playing of any kind of musical instrument in College, except the monochord and the cembalo.
  • On feast days college member are allowed to play ball and engage in other physical exercises, provided these activities are carried on in the inner courtyard, where they cannot be observed from the outside. And let the rector not grant such permission lightly, but only when he sees that the work must be lightened with these kinds of respectable pastimes.
  • We furthermore forbid that any women be given access to the College at any time, except by permission of the rector. He will appoint a person of integrity to accompany the visitor and show her the buildings of the College. Just the buildings, I take it. The men, I hope, were hidden away so as not to corrupt her chaste eyes.
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