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In the 1390s Friar Vincent Ferrer wanted to convert all the Jews of Spain through preaching and put an end to the obstinate, stinking synagogue…but he was frustrated in his efforts because the Jews were deceived and misled by that gloss called the Talmud which is full of great lies and intricate arguments.

And so this monstrous affliction lasted another century until the Spanish crown forced Jews to leave or convert to Christianity. But the newly baptized Jews observed the Faith very badly…and practiced their old religion secretly. Nor did they stop observing Jewish customs, such as eating little dishes of onion and garlic fried with oil…and the oil with the meat and the other things that they stewed smelled very bad on their breath. Also, they were usurers and had many artful tricks.

Meanwhile, Pope Sixtus IV issued a bull that gave the Spanish monarchs the authority to proceed against this heresy and to punish it with fire. The papal bull led to the establishment of the Holy Office of the Inquisition.
(From the chronicle of Andres Bernaldez)

Apparently relapsed Jews did not keep the inquisitors busy enough, so they also proceeded against relapsed Muslims:
In 1571, for example, Ramiro de Palencia, a new Christian descended from Muslims, was brought before the tribunal for having said prayers in which he seemed to call on Mohammed. One time, yawning, he said: May Mohammed close my eyes. And many times he performed the zala, raising and lowering his head without reason, and bringing his hands over his face. The witnesses against him were shady characters, it seems, so it was questionable whether he could be convicted and condemned to death. Instead he was fined  50,000 maravedis (the annual income of a wealthy grandee) to defray the expenses of the Holy Office.
(Source: Lu Ann Homza , The Spanish Inquisition, 1478-1614).

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