Friday 4 December 2015

#AMREADING M.O. Walsh, My Sunshine Away: Keep your fantasies locked up.

The man who hurt your mother and left your family gives you relationship advice:
Was this a man who didn’t understand irony? Was this a man so devoid of perspective, so unaware of the craters he’s left in his wake, so oblivious to the fact that I knew what he’d done, that he thought his comments were acceptable?

A clarification:
What are you saying, dad? A real man only hurts women by accident?
Bingo, he said.
I felt some nameless air clear between us. But this was as far as we got.

Understanding adults.
For every adult you look up to in life, there is trailing behind them an invisible chain gang of ghosts, all of which, as a child, you are generously spared from meeting.

First love. What do you want from her?
Maybe she could tell me something funny.
And then what? he said. I mean that’s just a start. What comes next?
Then maybe she could tell me something sad.
Ouch, he said. You’ve got it bad.

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