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So what was new on 10 July 1894?
GENEROSITY. Their Majesties, the Emperor and Empress of Austria, donated 100 florins to the Club for Beautification in Lainz as well as 50 florins to the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Magyabony, Hungary.  What misers compared to the Union of Banks in Vienna which donated 500 florins to the victims of a hail storm. Then again 50 florins is better than what the Archduchess Stephanie gave in support of a publication, The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in words and images. She merely contributed a long telegram: I shall continue to take a deep interest in every one of your forthcoming volumes. You efforts and persistent labour fills me with patriotic pride and sincere joy. That’s very kind of you, archduchess!
WEDDING & CAREER. The music critic of the Presse married the opera singer Emmy Karlona, who therefore resigned her post with the Court Opera.
CRIME. Franz Seidl, known as a rough individual and violent when drunk, without provocation punched a security guard. When the guard attempted to arrest him, he became so angry that he abused two other security guards coming to their colleague’s help, punching one in the nose and demolishing the other’s helmet. Seidl was taken into custody.
Meanwhile Anton Cerbik and his friend Ignaz Fussthaler were arrested under suspicion of having stolen veal and other kinds of meat on numerous occasions from the market hall. Well, at least they didn’t abuse the animals.

(Source: Wiener Zeitung of 4 July, 1894; my translation) 

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