Sunday 3 May 2015

BASQUIAT and FRIENDS. #amreading Jennifer Clement.

  • He was attracted to people who silently bore some sort of inner pain
  • His paintings are jazz on canvas.
  • He doesn’t read books. He looks for the words that attack him and puts them on canvas.
  • Looking at boxing gloves, he could feel thunderbolts in them.
  • He was a barometer for the racist culture he lived in. He felt everything around him in a heightened way. It was not only cocaine paranoia.

  • He walks in a bebop kind of slide.
  • He looks for his shadow and crawls up inside it.

  • Why does Andy need you, Suzanne asked Basquiat. I recharge his batteries, he said.
  • Basquiat loved Andy because he loved to feel the power he had over Andy.

  • Suzanne left home: Feel gray, must exit.
  • Life can be a circle, not just a line.
  • Afraid of testing positive for AIDS and promises God: If I’m negative, I’ll never do dope again. I’ll never sleep with strangers again…But she does not believe in God. And she breaks all her promises.
  • Suzanne at Basquiat’s funeral: I thought if I covered my mouth, the knowledge of Jean’s death could not get outside of me.

(Source: Jennifer Clement, Baquiat’s Widow)

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