Wednesday 7 May 2014

NO, NOT THAT AUSTEN. Katherine Austen ponders the world.

From the notebook of Katherine Austen (1628-1683):
  • Angels: were made for the service and assistance of Man.
  • Widowhood: Let me consider whether it is not possible to be happy without a second marriage. Apparently it was possible.
  • What her son Thomas learned at Oxford: pride and unmannerliness. Sad to say, you now have to send your sons abroad to learn civility and sweetness of deportment.
  • Young men: are guided by irregular passions and desires and folly.
  • Ignorant men: are worse than beasts. It is the beast’s nature to be ignorant. It is man’s fault if he be so.
  • The problem with pleasure: it’s hard to keep it to the height.
  • The secret of her grandparents’ longevity:  They didn’t go to the gym. They exercised little, went at a subtle pace…and did no violence to nature by overstirring.

(Source: Pamela Hammons ed., Book M: A London Widow’s Life Writings)

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