Saturday 22 February 2014

Here is Vergerio's curriculum: 
  • Most important subject: History. A boy must have heroes. And where would he find heroes? In politics, of course. Vergerio’s advice: Look to the Fathers of the City, to the Senate House. Well, let’s see who would qualify as a model? Silvio (Bunga-bunga) Berlusconi? Assad? Putin?  No wait, we are talking about the Renaissance. Cesare Borgia? Machiavelli’s Prince? Henry VIII? Okay, I can see this is going to be problematic, and Vergerio wisely names no names.
  • Next we need: Moral Philosophy. History, you see, shows us what men have done (which isn’t always good), whereas moral philosophy shows us what men should do. And speaking of morals: Profane language is an abominable sin. So don’t end every sentence with Fuck. Build your vocabulary, boys.
  • We need language instruction. History may provide the light of experience and the cumulative wisdom of the ages, but it must be supplemented by the persuasion of eloquence. Unfortunately, eloquence has fallen to a low level. And whose fault is that? The courts of law, according to Vergerio. Speed, brevity, and homeliness are the only qualities desired there. So that’s how it all started! I can see a straight line from Renaissance law courts to Twitter.
By the way, check my speed, brevity, and homeliness @historycracks.

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